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The BIGGEST divorce case this world has ever seen

July 26, 2015

From time to time, we have been involved with pension sharing orders that go into the millions of pounds and often get involved in multi-million pound settlements. But what about £5,000,000,000?

Yes you read that correctly. A Russian business magnate named Vladimir Potanin, 54, built a business empire after the fall of Soviet Russia. He was so wealthy that his fame came from his wealth. The house he had in the capital of Moscow was said to have a dry ski slope. And here’s me trying to fit a dishwasher in my kitchen.

Now you might be asking the reason behind this divorce. Well in 2013, he arranged a family meeting in which he told his wife Natalie he wanted a divorce. He also told the reason why he wanted the divorce: he’d had an affair with his secret mistress who was an employee and resulted in him having a child with her. His wife said, ‘He was always a faithful family man, who preached family values – and condemned divorce.’

Well I will definitely be following this divorce case to see where it leads to and if Mrs. Potanin actually gets that £5,000,000,000.

What assets will make up that tidy figure?


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