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A wooden spoon could cost you £££’s in your divorce!

August 26, 2015

Be sure to keep that wooden spoon in the cupboard!

It all started off when a 41 year old mother, who cannot be named (I wonder why), was going through a divorce. In the settlement, the matrimonial home was to be sold and the wife was suppose to receive a lot more than the husband from the sale. But I guess the wooden spoon was not happy with this.

There was an incident involving the mother and their 13 year old daughter, which involved a wooden spoon. And because of this wooden spoon, she is now losing around £44,000 of the settlement she was to receive.


You must be wondering what the wooden spoon actually did. Well, the court has just referred to it as an ‘incident’ that the court cannot release details of. Back in the day, I got a right beating from all kinds of utensils from the kitchen.

Because of the wooden spoon, the father can now appeal to the court because the mother was prosecuted for a criminal offence involving the wooden spoon.

The judge said: ‘About six weeks after the [financial] order was made there was what I will call “an incident” between the wife and their then 13-year-old daughter.’

According to documents supplied by the wife’s solicitors ‘it involved no more than the wife and a wooden spoon, with no physical contact with the child’.

Because of the wooden spoon incident, both the 13 year old daughter and their other 10 year old daughter have decided to live with their father instead, which will allow him to appeal the order.

The moral of this news is that we should save trees and ban wooden spoons.


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