Want to know how to implement Pension Sharing?

Quickly undertake Pension Sharing Implementation by watching the video below!

Hi, I am Phil O'Connor, a Resolution Accredited Independent Financial Adviser and Mediator specialising in pension sharing implementation.

I deal with pension sharing matters every day and I see lots of mistakes being made which could have been avoided. From poorly instructed actuarial reports right through to inadequate pension sharing settlements.

I have distilled this knowledge into this guide which I have written to help you.

After reading the guide you should have a better understanding of what pension sharing is, how it works, and the common pitfalls.

The guide will give you:

  • A reduced risk of a poor outcome or settlement.
  • More confident decision making.
  • Choices that you understand.
  • Real life case studies.
  • An increased peace of mind.
  • Expert advice on pensions and divorce.

So don’t delay download the guide and really start understanding pension sharing.

Or if you need advice more urgently, you can email me at phil@thedivorceifa.co.uk, or call me on 0800 092 1229.

I look forward to helping you.


Resolution Accredited Independent Financial Adviser & Mediator