If You Worry About The Controversy, Cost And Loss of Control That Court Proceedings Can Bring, Then Mediation May Be The Right Course Of Action For You.

Many people picture “divorce proceedings” as a scene in a court room with a judge, lawyers and witnesses; but the reality is that most divorces are not administered like that.

In fact, for many parties wishing to divorce, mediation is often the least controversial and least stressful ways to reach a settlement that’s right for both parties.

These days, mediation is becoming more and more common, with courts now requiring you to have explored it before they can proceed with a divorce application in which family matters are an important part.

You may be wondering what mediation is, and how it’s different from the other options available:

  1. It’s Client led – Mediation is voluntary at all times.
  2. It’s Confidential – The mediator provides a safe space for you both to work out an effective way forward.
  3. It’s Impartial – Mediators work hard to help you find an outcome that works for you both.
  4. It’s Empowering – Together you are jointly in charge of the outcomes instead of a third party such as a judge .

In essence, mediation allows you to explore the options available for settlement together and reach mutually agreed decisions within safe, professional and supportive boundaries.

A mediator is present to help facilitate discussions, but you will be encouraged to reach your own informed decision at your own pace, not theirs.

Why Use An IFA Mediator?

There are different types of mediation, and therefore, different types of mediators.

However, as most divorce settlements involve property, cash and savings, investments and pensions, a financial expert is generally the best person to act as a mediator.

An IFA mediator like us will be able to help both parties understand the short and long term implications of each decision from a financial point of view; and during these sorts of discussions, this insight is invaluable.

How Do I Work Out If Mediation Is Right For Me?

At the Divorce IFA, we believe that the mediation we provide allows you to make the very best decision for you and the people that you care about.

We’ve got a lot of experience in the world of mediation, and work very closely with both solicitor trained mediators and counsellor trained mediators. Depending on your circumstances, we can call upon professionals from both disciplines to aid discussions and help you to reach a positive outcome.

Generally speaking, the next step once you’ve expressed an interest in understanding more about mediation is to book a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM). This is a meeting between you and a mediator that’ll assess whether mediation is appropriate for your circumstances.

To book an MIAM or to talk to one of our experts about the correct next step for you, just give us a call on 01204 663904 or book a call below.

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