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Financial Settlements

Financial Settlements – Stressful, But Oh So Necessary.

The reality is that settling the finances when you’ve made the decision to divorce is unavoidable. Trouble is, it’s stressful and it can be complicated too. We’ll guide you through it.


Unsurprisingly, dealing with the financial side of divorce is often one of the most stressful element of any legal separation.

After all, you usually only get one opportunity to ensure that any financial settlement is right for you and the people you’re responsible for; which makes any decisions you make during the ‘settlement’ process pretty big ones.

Not only that, but because financial settlements have immediate repercussions as well as long term ones, it’s vital that all decisions made are the right ones for you both in the long and short term.

It’s a minefield. And at an emotive and stressful time, it can be really difficult to make the right decisions for you and the people that you care about. But we can help.

When you work with us to help you reach the financial settlements that are right for you, we’ll take the time to understand where you’re at in the divorce process as well as recognising your goals and objectives.

Only when we are armed with this information will we supply advice and guidance on the options available to you.

Whatever the advice includes, and whatever decision you make, we’re able to be with you every step of the way, whether it’s to help you with a pension sharing order or complete a court report.

Our services in the financial settlement area can be compartmentalised into three aspects:

Prior to the inevitable financial negotiations, it’s vital that you have the right financial information. We can assist you in gathering the right information as well as helping you to analyse it and truly understand it.

During this process, there may well need to be an inquiry into a specific asset, or there may not be enough information for you to make an informed decision – we can help you through this element too.

In essence, our services prior to financial negotiations are designed to equip you with everything you need to make the right decisions for you and the people you care about.


Whilst the negotiations are ongoing, I’m able to be present to provide advice, reassurance and guidance on the settlement terms on offer.

The key here is a genuine understanding of the terms of the proposed financial settlement and whether it’s appropriate, and that’s where we can help you to brainstorm and ensure that the settlement works for you.


Once you’ve reached a financial settlement, most of the stressful stuff is done; but if the settlement requires financial orders to be set up or further discussion or resolution, we’re able to assist with that stage of proceedings too.

You’ll understand that the financial settlement is one of the most important aspects of any divorce, which is why it’s vital that you get the right advice. Book a call with one of our experts today to talk it through and make sure you make the right decision for you.

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I couldn’t have done it without him...

“Due to the complexities of my divorce it took just short of 3 years for the finances to be concluded. During this time Phil was a constant source of support. His advice and guidance was especially important and gave me the courage to continue to fight for what was legally mine.

Linda his PA was also extremely supportive and I found the team at The Divorce IFA very helpful at all times.
I would not hesitate to recommend Phil’s services. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Jane Ashurst – Wigan

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