How we can help

As a financial planner understanding and showing you your overall financial picture is what I do for a day job! One of the most satisfying aspects of the work I do is helping you to understand how your financial settlement on divorce will affect your overall financial future.

In addition, I can set out and guide you on the risks involved in any decision. Whether it involves pensions or not I can help you get the outcome you are looking for. Here are the four main areas I can help you today


​Pension Sharing

Most financial settlements will have some element of pension sharing discussed or implemented. I see many hundreds of reports each year and implement 50 plus pension sharing orders so you are in safe hands. Find out more about how I can help you with pension sharing here.


Pension Offsetting

Pension offsetting is one of the least understood aspects of any financial settlement. With wide ranging methodologies used it is enough to make you pull your hair out. Do the smart thing and go to my page onPension Offsetting for more information.


Financial Settlements

Using scenario planning I can show what every single decision you make means and in the context of the other decisions you will be inevitably being asked to make. Examples of what I have done include:

  • Capitalised Maintenance – Will it work for you and what the associated risks?
  • Pension Sharing – What the effect of each 1% pension share means to you.
  • Pension offsetting – How your longer term position may be affected by foregoing pension.

For further information on my approach to financial settlements go here.



Mediation is growing fast with the much more emphasis being placed on resolving disputes without attending court. As one of only four IFA mediators in the country I am able to bring a unique skill set to mediation. To find out how mediation might work for you and why using an IFA might be the smartest thing you do this year go to my Mediation page.

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