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My 4 Step Thought Process For Your Divorce

This is the basic process I use when looking at pensions in divorce cases and I thought I would share it with you. It breaks down as follows: 1. Identify When I am asked to get involved in a financial settlement whether it is by a solicitor or directly instructed via the internet the first task […]

Can you cash in a 20 year old lottery ticket?

I’m sure you must have heard by now about the Dale Vine and Kathleen Wyatt divorce case. Dale Vince, a multi-millionaire, had stated that when his wife had asked for a financial settlement of £1.9 million, it was like “cashing in a very old lottery ticket”. The couple had seperated 32 years ago and had […]

A happy new year? Not so happy for some

It would be insensitive to say that business is booming, but apparently the divorce rate is set to triple this week.* For lawyers, it’s the busiest time of the year, as couples find that their partner is not suitable for them once the long festive break has made an impact on relationships. A similar spike […]

Family Dispute Resolution Week 2014

This week marks the start of Family Dispute Resolution Week which runs from 23rd to the 30th of November 2014. What is Family Dispute Resolution Week? Family Dispute Resolution Week aims to raise awareness of non-dispute methods of resolving family breakdowns. These include mediation and collaborative law. As you all may know, I am on […]

New CSA Rules

In divorce, there are few issues that stir up as much controversy as child maintenance. Most non-resident parents (NRP) pay maintenance on a sliding scale depending on how many children they have with the resident parent. A child is classed as either: The parent who doesn’t have day-to-day care of the child pays child maintenance […]

The End of Legal Aid

Cuts to the legal aid budget that come in next month are going to leave many vulnerable families deprived of vital services that only professionals can supply. I can’t really understand where the government is coming from on this one. Often when cuts are imposed there will be some alternative offered. Yet in this instance […]

Dead End Marriage

Wife divorces husband over map-reading argument You have to feel a certain amount of sympathy here for Mark Powell. None of us know what goes on behind closed doors and even the most seemingly rock-solid couple might fight like cat and dog away from prying eyes; however, divorcing over a map reading argument? How broad […]

Hiding Assets During Divorce

Not a good idea. Of course it may seem unfair to have to declare assets that were acquired before you got married; or assets that were solely paid for by you during the marriage, but the fact is if you aren’t up front about your finances during divorce then you are risking a spell in […]

The Rising Cost of Divorce

You can’t get divorced unless you get married. Aside from stating the obvious, I’m underlining the point that these days marriage seems little more than a precursor to divorce. It was only within the last week that I heard an acquaintance remark about how much more fun his divorce is compared to his marriage. Granted, […]

Offshore Divorce

We all know, or know of people that have managed to get married abroad. It probably doesn’t work out much more expensive than a lavish ceremony on these shores. Wouldn’t it be curious to find an agency set up to help you get divorced abroad? “They got divorced? When did that happen?”“Yeah they’ve been divorced […]