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High Risk/Low Risk Pensions

​I am often asked which pensions are potentially the most risky when it comes to pensions on divorce and particularly, pension sharing. Another common question is at what value can all pensions be ignored?
pension sharing. Another common question is at what value c

Pension Sharing – Is Hallam alive?

This week I was shocked to learn that the Hallam pension formula might not be as extinct as I had previously thought.
of the pension share value is placed on the pension sharing order in monetary terms …avoured as an approach in the early years of pension sharing this approach I thought had gone the way of

Local Government Pension Scheme – Huge change to Pension Sharing Credits

The Local Government Pension Scheme changed from a Final Salary basis to a Career Average Revalued Earnings “CARE” basis for pensions accrued from 1st April 2014.
But this change will cause major issues when pension sharing because of the way that pension credits are … was unexpected is that pension credits from pension sharing orders actioned by the Local Government Pens

Groundbreaking Pension Sharing On Divorce Study

The first detailed study into pension sharing on divorce since its introduction in England and Wales in 2000 has recently (March 2014) been published by Hilary Woodward and Mark Sefton of Cardiff University.
The first detailed study into pension sharing on divorce since its introduction in England…f the court files. Its findings suggest that pension sharing is a positive addition to financial remedies

Dodgy Pension Expert Reports

As part of the work I do I am often contacted by solicitors, and clients going through divorce directly, to look at pension reports and to comment. The worry I have is that from this relatively small sample of what must actually be out there, is the numbe…

Pension Sharing FAQ – When is a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value the right value to use?

Technically speaking the cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) represents the expected cost of providing the member’s benefits within the scheme.
when completing a pension sharing order it is possible to take a higher pensio… resulting in a significant pension sharing increase for our client. So before proceedi

Pension Sharing – 10 years of bedlam

Pension Sharing Implementation issues
nd for the last ten I have been implementing pension sharing orders. It hasn… were deciding whether to implement separate pension sharing orderswhere there was not a

Maybe this isn’t dyed in the wool?

Annuity sales may change financial settlements forever including pension sharing
should have been apportioned by means of a pension sharing order ... The arguments in support are self

Capital Value losses and gains on Pension Sharing

Capital Value losses are common in pension sharing particularly where there is an external transfer.
How can anyone consider pension sharing a defined benefit…occasionally gains in capital values through pension sharing. The following massively simplified example

Odd Pension Values

A recent pension ombudsman case (set out on FT Adviser) advising caution when dealing with pension sharing and self invested personal pensions

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