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Public sector schemes to NOT allow transfers to QROPS!

Simply put, legislation has been published to close a loophole which enabled public sector workers transferring their pensions overseas. The Unfunded Public Service Defined Benefits Schemes (Transfers) Regulations 2015 have now been published. A loophole …

A wooden spoon could cost you £££’s in your divorce!

Aug 26, 2015 | In The News Be sure to keep that wooden spoon in the cupboard! It all started off when a 41 year old mother, who cannot be named (I wonder why), was going through a divorce. In the settlement, the matrimonial home was to be sold and the wi…

Surrender all your assets

Aug 20, 2015 | In The News Imagine if you were going through a divorce and the court asked you to give all your assets to your ex-spouse. Well that’s what pretty much happened to Essam Aly. You might be asking yourself how could something like this happe…

The BIGGEST divorce case this world has ever seen

From time to time, we have been involved with pension sharing orders that go into the millions of pounds and often get involved in multi-million pound settlements. But what about £5,000,000,000?

Let the pension sharing delays begin!

The April reforms have put a lot of pressure on pension companies to deal with clients who want to cash in their pensions. But unfortunately some companies have been given bad exposure in the news, in this case, Prudential.
some companies have been given bad exposure in the news

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