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Offshore Divorce

We all know, or know of people that have managed to get married abroad.

Solicitors and Pension Sharing

rs after the legislation was passed bringing pension sharing into force I am still seeing big mistakes be…To avoid having to go through this with your pension sharing case then please get in touch now on 01204 6

Pension Sharing – 10 years of bedlam

Pension Sharing Implementation issues
nd for the last ten I have been implementing pension sharing orders. It hasn… were deciding whether to implement separate pension sharing orderswhere there was not a

Maybe this isn’t dyed in the wool?

Annuity sales may change financial settlements forever including pension sharing
should have been apportioned by means of a pension sharing order ... The arguments in support are self

Capital Value losses and gains on Pension Sharing

Capital Value losses are common in pension sharing particularly where there is an external transfer.
How can anyone consider pension sharing a defined benefit…occasionally gains in capital values through pension sharing. The following massively simplified example

Odd Pension Values

A recent pension ombudsman case (set out on FT Adviser) advising caution when dealing with pension sharing and self invested personal pensions

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