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Divorce can be all consuming. If you are concerned about – your children, your money, your pensions, or even just how you are going to cope –don’t worry, you are not alone.

Many people find the stress, worry and anxiety of divorce very difficult. Don’t let the financial settlement add to your concerns. Let me help you to settle your divorce with confidence.

Why not let me help you to quickly achieve a better pension and overall financial settlement without paying thousands of pounds in legal fees. I have helped hundreds of clients to settle their divorces.

My job is to help you to completely understand the finances on divorce – the pensions, your housing needs, maintenance, literally everything financial – so that you can make better, more informed financial decisions which will benefit you and your family during and beyond divorce, saving you time and money and providing peace of mind and security.

So don’t suffer in silence or be rushed into making a decision you are not sure about. Why not let me, help you today, to understand the financial decisions you need to make in your divorce.

Resolution Accredited Independent Financial Adviser & Mediator


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Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Phil O'Connor, Bolton

“Phil is my go to guy for financial planning and pensions as he provides a friendly, practical and common sense approach to these minefield areas. His quick grasp of the facts and response time coupled with his ability to make clients feel comfortable and confident puts him top of my speed dial”

Charlotte Withnell, KBL Solicitors, Bolton

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My Services

I deal with hundreds of pension sharing cases each year. Why not get tips, guidance and advice on how to successfully implement your pension sharing without losing out.

For further information on pension sharing click here.

With so many different approaches to pension offsetting you need clear, precise and advice tailored to your situation. Click here for further information on pension offsetting.

With so many different issues involved in a financial settlement – property, savings, pensions, maintenance, businesses, trusts, etc. – it is no wonder it causes so much stress and worry. Let me take this away by finding out more about how I can help you with your financial settlement. Click here for more information.

Using my financial expertise and experience I can help bring a unique perspective to any mediation. Go here to find out more.

“I was cautious about dealing with a Financial Adviser. However, Mr O’Connor dealt with my case with a great deal of understanding and sensitivity.

He was completely professional throughtout the process, keeping me informed every step of the way. I found him very re-assuring and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone seeking assistance in getting a pension sharing order implemented or any other financial matter.”

B Lanham, Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire.

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Why choose the Divorce IFA

  • Reduced risk of a poor outcome or settlement.
  • More confident decision making.
  • Choices that you understand.
  • Increased peace of mind – knowing that you have the settlement you want on the terms you want.
  • Increased security – enough money to buy a house, retire or maintain your lifestyle.
  • More control – assets in your name subject to your control
  • Expert advice on pensions and divorce including pension sharing and pension sharing orders