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Phil Oconnor

At The Divorce IFA, we’re on a mission.

A mission to remove the stress, worry and anxiety from the financial side of divorce.

To strip back the layers of complexity and uncertainty that arise from discussions on financial settlements.

To help you understand your financial needs and help you make more informed financial decisions that benefit all of the people you care about.

Most of all, to save you time, money and stress and provide you with peace of mind, resolution and security.

We appreciate that things probably aren’t that easy right now, and your head might be all over the place, and that’s why we suggest that the very first thing you do is have a confidential, free telephone consultation with one of our experts.

You can ask any questions you’ve got, find out more information, and if nothing else you’ll come out of the other side of the phone call with a much clearer picture of where you’re at and your potential options.

We’re looking forward to working with you and helping you reach the resolution that’s right for you.

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    Why choose the Divorce IFA

    • Reduced risk of a poor outcome or settlement.
    • More confident decision making.
    • Choices that you understand.
    • Increased peace of mind – knowing that you have the settlement you want on the terms you want.
    • Increased security – enough money to buy a house, retire or maintain your lifestyle.
    • More control – assets in your name subject to your control.
    • Expert advice on pensions and divorce including pension sharing and pension sharing orders

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    What Our Clients Say...

    He is able to put complex pension issues into plain English...
    “I always turn to Phil when dealing with a financial settlement where pensions are involved as pensions are a complex area and good legal advice needs to be in conjunction with sound financial advice. Phil is always available at the end of the phone or email to offer specialist pensions advice right from the outset of a case.

    He offers help with regard to whether a report from an actuary is required, if so he can advise on who to use, help with the drafting of the letter of instruction, advise upon the contents of the report upon receipt and then where a client should place any pension credit. He is able to put complex pension issues into plain English and ensures not only that clients get the best possible outcome but that they understand the process from beginning to end and what the effect a pension sharing order means to clients in real terms.”
    Victoria Melling - Partner, Family Department, Stephensons Solicitors LLP

    My Promise

    “If after working with us you do not feel that you have received the necessary value then you do not pay. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”

    Phil Oconnor